5 Things You Need to Know to Own Your Title as a Weave Queen

November 07, 2014

More than likely, you still practice many of the hair care tips you learned from your mother and grandmother right now today. Back in the 70s, she sported a really mean ‘fro. By the 80s, her feather was big, yet stylish. Then, came the 90s, when she began to dibble and dabble in weaves, on her way to becoming a future Weave Queen.

And, throughout the years, you’ve had your flow of hairdos and various styles yourself… You’ve tried perms, french braids, natural cornrows, wigs, and of course weaves. Over the years of wearing weaves, you’ve had to learn some things the hard way. And, the more you’ve learned, the closer you’ve come to joining the royal status of weave queen.

5 Tips to Help You Own Your Weave Queen Title

Today, Kybele Virgin Hair share five hair care tips (and weave care tips) to help you own your title as Weave Queen:

Own Your Title as Weave Queen

Own Your Title as Weave Queen

1. Weave Queen Tip: You Must Take Care of the Your Natural Hair, Even When You Have a Weave

Even though you sport virgin hair extensions like a true weave queen, that’s no excuse for not caring for your natural mane properly. You need to braid your natural hair, trim your edges and keep your mane properly moisturized.

If you don’t, you’ll end up with clumps of hair, all matted up. This will lead to hair breakage as you try to comb through those clumps. This will ensure that you end up with patches of uneven and damaged hair, especially around the edges.

2. Weave Queen Tip: Not All Weaves are the Same or Right for Your Hair

As you weave queen, it’s important to know that a cheap weave may end up being expensive later. The cheaper the weave you buy, the more likely it is to damage your natural hair. So, you may end up spending a lot more to get your own head of hair healthy again.

This is especially crucial if you are blending your virgin hair weave with your own natural hair. In this case, it’s best to avoid rough textures. So if you decide to buy virgin hair extensions for your hair, it’s best to spend money on a good weave, fit for a weave queen.

3. Weave Queen Tip: Don’t Keep a Weave in for Too Long

Genuine virgin hair weaves are not cheap. Sometimes, a weave queen will put one in with the expectation that it will last for three to six months. But, it may not be what’s right for your hair at that particular time.

You need to give your natural hair a break every once in a while. This will give your mane and scalp time to breathe and stay healthy.

4. Weave Queen Tip: Weaves Put a Lot of Stress on Your Edges

What’s the hardest sections of your hair to grow back after being damaged? That would be your edges. And, even if your edges grow back, there’s no guarantee they’ll ever be healthy again. So, treat them well, while you have them… even if you’re a weave queen.

Weave Queen Tip: Be sure to take care of your edges. There's no guarantee they'll ever be healthy again if you damage them.

Be sure to take care of your edges. There’s no guarantee they’ll ever be healthy again if you damage them.

5. Weave Queen Tip: Own the Look You Decide to Pull Off with Your Weave

Whatever weave-do you decide to rock, own it and be proud of it! Don’t let other people deter you from rocking a weave. You may be put on a guilt trip by other goddesses using terms like: “go natural”, “natural look”, “natural hair.” But, don’t let them bother you. Stand by what you feel suits you. Own your title as Weave Queen.

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