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Natural Hair Style for Virgin Hair Extensions

Hair Tips: 5 Common Hair Mistakes You Probably Make Everyday

Raise your hand if you’ve ever used a rubber band to tie up your hair. Put your head down on your desk if you’ve ever used a hot styling tool on your hair while it was still wet. Just kidding….

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Bambi's miscarriage comes after being part of two reality TV shows.

LHHATL: Scrappy and Momma Dee Talk Miscarriage

Miscarriage drama strikes Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (LHHATL). On Sunday morning, VH1 released a clip letting the fans of LHHATL know that Scrappy Has Heartbreaking News to share. Scrappy is usually the one dishing out the heartache and tears, especially…

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Annette Larkins, a Vegan Woman of Color

Vegan Diet: Why Does This 72 Year Old Woman Look 40?

Is a vegan diet the new key to aging well? It’s always been said that black women age well. Some may call it an old wive’s tale. Some say it’s a mere stereotype. Others believe the proof is in the…

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Burn fat while eating!!!

Every girl wants to look good and healthy. We all want to eat everything and lose weight. Well, there is a way! You can look as a Goddess, feel like one and eat like a Goddess. There are foods that…

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#BringBackOurGirls! Spread the word!

Horrible things are happening in the world right now. Horrible things are happening to young girls right now. We ask ourselves, where is the justice in all of this? What have children done to deserve something bad to happen to…

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Amazing!!! Hairfinity $10 Gift Cards!!!

We already know about this amazing product that makes our hair grow stronger, faster and that makes our hair shiny like never before. Yes, you are right, we are talking about Hairfinity. Let me remind you – the Hairfinity vitamins…

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“Single Ladies” is back on air!!!

Every girl loves a good TV-show, we all love shows that make us laugh, make us cry and makes us think about our lives, friends and relationships. Well, there is a show that provides everything one person could want in…

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3 Way Part Lace Closure

Kybele Virgin Hair Silk Base & Lace Base Closures

Have you ever been called in a last minute meeting? Have you ever had no time to dye your hair, straighten it or curl it? Well, there is a better and more permanent way to take care of the roots…

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Hairfinity – The Secret to Longer Stronger hair … FAST!!!

Everyone knows that the secret to every girls’ confidence is her hair. When your hair looks just perfect you have the feeling like you can rule the world. When you have a bad hair day, you just want to stay…

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7 Great Kybele Goddess Hair Care Tips

Don’t let Aphrodite fool you- looking like a Goddess is hard work! Whether it’s the blazing hot summers or the chilly winters, you need to protect and care for your natural hair as well as hair extensions to look your…

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