OWN New Reality TV Show: Flex and Shanice – All in the Family (Videos)

The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), is set to premiere a new reality TV show called Flex and Shanice. It will star Flex Alexander, a comedian and actor best known for his role as Flex in the now defunct UPN show One on One. And, right by his side as co-star is his wife, Shanice Wilson, the R&B songstress best known for her 1991 hit ‘I Love Your Smile.’

Flex and Shanice with Their Two Kids. Her virgin hair weave is simply flawless.

Flex and Shanice with Their Two Kids. Her virgin hair weave is simply flawless.
Image Source: Black Celeb Kids

Flex and Shanice Attempt to Make Celebrity Comebacks in New Reality TV Show

Together, Flex and Shanice are making Celebrity Comebacks, stepping into the limelight while sharing their family life as they go through major financial problems. The couple has been married for 14 years and is going through some hard times. They do, however, seem to still be very much in love.

The hardest part about being Flex and Shanice seems to be the fact that they have to deal with living with four of their extended family members… all under the same roof. That definitely doesn’t help the situation.

Video – Flex and Shanice On Their Long Marriage

There are arguments among them about who is and who isn’t bringing money into the household. Of course, no reality TV show is worth watching without some drama and arguments.

Flex Makes Career Sacrifices to Put Food on the Table

Flex has had to return to doing stand-up comedy and most of his content is about their financial difficulties. Eurweb quotes Flex as saying to his fans while on stage:

“Me and wifey, we went through it y’all. We was ballin’, making $1.5, $1.7 million a year, just balling and then just [makes car screech noise] boom! Somebody cut the lights out!”

Flex and Shanice with Kids and Extended Family: She wears long, straight virgin hair weave with blunt cut bangs.

Flex and Shanice with Their Kids and Extended Family. Shanice sports a long, straight virgin hair weave with blunt cut bangs.
Image Source: OWN

Mr. Alexander went on to joke during his stand-up routine:

“I’m going to tell you what’s really embarrassing? Filing bankruptcy. The funny thing is me and wifey go down there and wifey she’s like ‘I don’t want to do this…’ I’m like ‘baby, we gotta do it. Donald Trump did it 12 times.’ Went in there and we’re like ‘Lord please don’t see no Black people because they’re going to know who we are!’”

Video – Flex and Shanice: Will Flex Make a Successful Return to Stand-Up?

Well, it seems as if Flex still has a way with humor because the audience was laughing through his entire act. His wife, Shanice Wilson, is also doing her part. She has gone back to the studio to record new music in the hopes of bringing money in for the family.

Flex and Shanice Premieres on OWN Saturday, November 1

Flex and Shanice, wearing a super-long curly virgin hair weave.

Flex and Shanice, wearing a super-long curly virgin hair weave.
Image Source: Essential Lyfe

OWN released a statement giving details about the new reality TV show Flex and Shanice:

“From the outside looking in, Flex and Shanice are living the dream — they are beautiful celebrities with a long-standing marriage, gorgeous kids and a lovely home in suburbia. But what this fairytale couple has been hiding from the world is that they have been teetering on the edge of financial ruin for the past five years. So they moved their hilarious extended family in to help make ends meet, but nine people under one roof can add just as much stress as it relieves. We watch as Flex tries to rebuild the stand-up career that he abandoned 18 years ago, and Shanice as she heads back into the studio attempting to restart her R&B career. The family will try to hold it together as they aim to capture that one big break to help turn their luck around.”

Video – Flex and Shanice: Will Flex and Shanice Bounce Back to the Big Time?

Check out this Flex and Shanice reality TV show teaser below:

All in all, the show seems pretty decent. Hopefully, Flex and Shanice will be successful at making Celebrity Comebacks. We wish them both luck.

Will you tune in to this new realty TV show?

More importantly, how do you think Shanice’s virgin hair weave looks in the videos?

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