When to Trim Your Hair: Flyaway, Damaged and Split Ends

September 30, 2014

Women of Color trying to make their natural hair grow longer have a hard time hearing the words: trim your hair. But, we’ve been taught since childhood that we need to clip our ends for healthier hair. This rids our heads of out of shape, damaged and split ends.

Trimming your ends makes your hair stronger. Why? Well, stringy, straggly ends can’t survive on their own. Eventually, they split more and more, until they just fall out, or get pulled out in the comb, brush, scrunchie, rubber band, etc… It’s so much better to have a head full of short, healthy hair, than long, straggly strands of hair.

Trim Your Ends for a Healthy Head of Hair

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3 Signs That It’s Time to Trim Your Hair

When your hair is in need of a good trimming, it will show signs of it. Here are three signs that you need to trim your hair:

1. Trim Your Hair to Get Rid of Split Ends

For the record, there’s no magic potion that will truly cure and repair split ends. Sure, you can prolong trimming your ends. But, if you don’t cut your split ends, the will eventually turn into what experts refer to as “split hair strands.” These are strands of hair that are severely damaged.

How do you spot split ends? Well, it’s really easy. Just take a look at your ends. A split end will look just as it sounds: two separate hair strands at the hair shaft’s bottom (the end), looking as if they were torn apart from each other. You must trim your hair in order to get rid of these split ends.

Different Types of Split Ends

Different Types of Split Ends. Image Source: Social Umiere

2. Trim Your Hair to Get Rid of Damaged Ends

We’ve all seen or heard of hair being damaged because of heat, chemicals or dryness. Or, maybe it was damaged because of being matted, tangled up or combed improperly. The hair may have become very porous, hard or crunchy. Or, maybe it’s simply lost all of its elasticity, and breaks off extremely easily.

If these issues cause the ends of your hair to become damaged, you may notice small knots at the ends. Oftentimes, this is caused by severe dryness, or lack of regular conditioning. Either way, you need to trim your hair to rid it of these damaged ends. The best thing to do is to cut your ends, so you can simply start from scratch.

Frizzy Damaged Ends

Frizzy Damaged Ends. Image Source: Sugar Scape

3. Trim Your Hair to Make It Get Rid of Flyaway Strands

Even if your mane is perfectly healthy, you still may need to trim your hair if you notice unsightly flyaway strands. These strands can often be tamed with oils, but they can weigh your hair down. Hair sprays can help, but they tend to dry hair out. Mousse helps also, but it’s not made for dry hairstyles.

You have to tame flyaway strands so your gravity-defying hairstyles will look good. And, what are these styles? They feature details such as choppy layers and flipped-up bangs. The answer is to trim your hair regularly.

Trim Your Hair to Avoid It Falling Out

Noooo. You don’t have to cut anywhere near this much to make your hair healthy. But, don’t trim it regularly, and it can start to fall out at this rate. Image Source: flckr

Even with a Weave, You Must Trim Your Hair

If you want a healthy head of hair under that gorgeous weave, then you have to take care of it. That means trimming your hair regularly. Don’t do it, and the natural mane up under that hair weave will become so damaged, it’ll simply shed constantly, until it’s pretty much gone. Follow these hair care tips for a healthy mane.

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