Will Season 7 of Real Housewives of Atlanta be ‘The NeNe Show’?

Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOATL), arguably the least predictable and most popular of Bravo’s Housewives’ sagas, is back with Season 7. Missed any of the earlier seasons of RHOATL? Then, go ahead and take some time to catch up on all of the drama these housewives have stirred up over the years. It’ll be worth the time you’re sure to spend laughing, crying and screaming.

You might even fall in love with the women of this reality TV show and the men (or boys with bigger toys) in their lives. Some people even dream of becoming a housewife in Atlanta, as well. Too busy to watch all six seasons of RHOATL? Then, just keep reading for a quick rundown on who’s who and what’s in store for Season 7 of RHOATL.

The Who’s Who of Real Housewives of Atlanta

Here’s the who’s who of Real Housewives of Atlanta, from left to right just so you really know who’s who, matching the right face with the right name (below):

  • Cynthia Bailey
  • Phaedra Parks
  • Claudia Jordan
  • Kandi Burruss
  • NeNe Leakes
  • Kenya Moore

By season 7 you might think that the cast would be set in stone. However, we’re going to see a lot of changes this season, including the addition of two new housewives.

The Cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOATL). Will They All Make It Through Season 7?

The Cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOATL). Will They All Make It Through Season 7?
Image Source: Wikipedia

What to Expect from Season 7 on RHOATL

According to reps at Bravo, you can expect a lot more from the Season 7 of RHOATL, including more of the outlandish drama and catfights the show has become famous for these days. However, the show will also delve more into the professional side and personal family life of each Atlanta housewife. Some scandals are sure to be revealed, as usual.

Will Season 7 be All about Nene Leakes?

The show is definitely going to be more about NeNe Leakes, if not all about NeNe. Bravo even had to pay her an outrageous sum of money just to get her to sign on to the Season 7 of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

RHOATL Season 7: Nene Leakes at WWE Raw

Nene Leakes at WWE Raw
Image Source: WWE/E! Online

In addition, NeNe Leakes said the following in an exclusive interview with E! Online:

“For me, It’s like a blessing and a curse. It has definitely opened up so many doors and opportunities for me. I have been able to do some of everything just from being on this platform. But at the same time, it can be very negative and very draining and all of things. But also, it can put a lot of money in my pocket. Not just the show, I’m saying, other things come to you.”

And just what are those other things? Well, maybe it includes NeNe getting into a heated confrontation on WWE Raw.

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