4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a New Haircut

December 02, 2014

We all go through it… hoping to make a major change with a drastic haircut, but not sure how to decide on the perfect style. Well, getting an amazing new haircut requires more than just finding the perfect hairstylist. You need to do some research before you even think about walking into the salon to get a new haircut.

4 Questions to Help You Pick the Perfect New Haircut

Here are four questions to ask yourself before you get into a long-term relationship with a new haircut you may or may not like:

Think Ciara was happy with this new haircut?

Think Ciara was happy with this new haircut? Tell us what you think in the comments below.
Image Source: Pretty Designs

Question #1 – What’s the Single Best Hair Day You’ve Ever Had?

We’ve all had that one day in life when we felt like out hair came out perfect. It may have been your wedding day, high school graduation… Maybe your hair was super-shiny that day, or that curly look complimented your face. Determine what it was about that good hair day that made it the best ever. Try to find a way to help your hairstylist reproduce that in your new haircut.

Question #2 – What’s Your Hair’s Biggest Flaw?

What is it about your hair that causes you to have bad hair days? Too flat? Too frizzy? Won’t hold curls? Too naturally curly? Share these concerns with your hairstylist. Then, together, you can work on coming up with the perfect new haircut to combat this issue.

Question #3 – Will You Be Able to Live With Your New Haircut Long-Term?

Rihanna's haircut, shown here, will require regular visits to the hairstylist to trim the side often.

Rihanna’s haircut, shown here, will require regular visits to the hairstylist to trim the side often.
Image Source: Women Black Hairstyles

There are those easy-to-manage haircuts that require a simple tie-up at night, and you’re ready to go in the morning. Then, there are those haircuts that need to be trimmed frequently, or rolled up every night. Make sure you’re prepared to care for your new haircut properly, or you’ll look like a hot mess in a matter of days.

Question #4 – Are You Willing to Trade a Good-Night’s Sleep for an Amazing New Haircut?

Remember that new haircut you got that caused you to have to sleep on your arms, or even sitting straight up? Are you good at sleeping with a head full of rollers or pins pricking you all night? Some of us can deal with losing a little sleep in exchange for an amazing new haircut. Others should look into more maintenance-free hairstyles.

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