7 Easy and Fun Kybele Virgin Hairstyles for the Summer

March 26, 2013

June is already heating up and the full-on Summer weather is just around the corner. Your natural hair and extensions need extra care in the scorching sun to prevent breakage and drying up.One way you can minimize sun damage is by avoiding the use of excessive hair products and treatments every day. Instead, try to keep your hairstyles simple and product-free whenever you can. Luckily, simple doesn’t have to mean bad. Here are some great easy hairstyles that look good, demand no special treatments and save you time and effort- perfect for the Summer!

Brush your hair back over the ear and tie it up with an elastic of your choice. You can make it look sleek and collected by tightly pulling your hair back into the ponytail. Or you can leave a few strands loose for a softer and more casual look.

Braids never go out of fashion and are easy to make. Just divide your hair into three sections, cross the right section over the middle one, and then cross the left section over the new middle section. Repeat until you reach the end of your hair and then tie it up with your favorite elastic.

Simple, loose curls are easy to create with rollers or a curling iron. Use a texturizer for spray drying and finish off the look with a hair spray for a soft yet fun look.

Who doesn’t like beautiful loose straight hair? Just use an anti-frizz product after washing your hair and then blow dry and spritzyour hair with a good hairspray for long, straight and beautiful locks.

5. BUN
Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez just love a tight bun and for good reason. They are easy to make and keep in place, and look great at all types of occasions. Brush your hair back into a tight ponytail, keeptwisting your hair around the ponytail until it’s completely wrapped around the base of the ponytail and then secure the resulting bun with pins and rubber band.

For a dynamic and lively look, get your stylist to cut your hair into layers. You can always add extensions to the layers for extra volume. Layers don’t require extra maintenance and effortlessly add texture and bounce to your hair.

7. BOB
The Bob is also a summer favorite. Ask your stylist for a bob cut in which, usually, your hair ends above your shoulders. It’s a no hassle, low-maintenance cut that looks great and doesn’t need excessive product. You can also have your hair longer in the front and shorter in the back for the asymmetrical bob, Victoria Beckham style!

Keep checking back for more hair tips and ideas in our Summer hair guide!

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