Beyonce in Middle of a Maternity Suit: Blue Ivy Maternity Questioned Again

August 19, 2014

If you’re one of those conspiracy theorists who never believed Beyonce birthed Blue Ivy, you’re going to love this story. So, there’s this woman named Tina Seals who has filed a maternity (yes, I said MA-ternity) suit against Beyonce Knowles and Shawn Corey Carter AKA Jay Z. According to her, she is the actual birth mother of Blue Ivy Carter.

Woman Claims to be Jay Z’s Baby Mama

In papers filed with New York courts, the alleged “baby mama” claims to have been “previously associated” with the Carters before (and I guess while) Blue Ivy was conceived. Now, she’s petitioning the courts to verify the Baby Carter’s maternity, claiming to be the biological mother.

Beyonce walking with her a Jay Z's daughter, Blue Ivy in 2012.

Beyonce walking with her a Jay Z’s daughter, Blue Ivy in 2012. Image Source: Wikipedia

As we all know, this is definitely not the first time the maternity of Blue Ivy has been in question. During Beyonce’s pregnancy, conspiracy theorists ran rampant with rumors. It was alleged that the mother-to-be was not pregnant, and that her baby bump was 100% fake. This came after one of Beyonce’s TV performances during the early months of the pregnancy. Many people said that the superstar’s belly changed shape when she took a seat on stage.

Featured Image: Beyonce Knowles Posing Pregnant with Blue Ivy, She and Jay Z’s Daughter. Image Source: 360 Nobs

There’s One Way Tina Seals can Win Suit for Blue Ivy Maternity

According to the My Celebrity and I article entitled “How Tina Seals Could Get Rights To Blue Ivy And Why Beyonce And Jay Z Shouldn’t Be Worried” by Owolabi Marcus, there is one way Seals could actually win custody. Hollywood Life had a talk with Leslie Barbara, a matrimonial family expert about the situation. Marcus reports on the interview, where Barbara said:

“It is entirely possible that a surrogate could come in and have some rights to a child. Even if rights were relinquished in a contract.”

Although surrogacy itself is not illegal, paid surrogacy is in the state of New York. According to Barbara, if the alleged baby mama can prove that she’s in in fact the surrogate mother of Blue Ivy, she may have a case.

However, there are pictures of Beyonce pregnant in a bikini. There are also legal documents (medical records) stating that she gave birth to Blue Ivy. Therefore, the woman doesn’t have a legitimate claim to Jay Z and Bee’s baby whatsoever.

Is Kimye’s Baby Mama Wannabe a Lunatic?

Tina Seals on Amazon

Tina Seals on Amazon

Think this woman is crazy for filing such a claimless lawsuit? Well, this is just the latest. Check this out.

Just a week earlier, another lawsuit Seals had open against the West couple was tossed out of court. The judge called it “clearly baseless.” On July 15, the baby mama wannabe filed a lawsuit in New York claiming to be the birth mother of Kimye’s baby, North West.

In the court documents, she asked that she be allowed to formalize an agreement with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in regards to her surrogacy services. She also insisted that there be a contract written up for these “services rendered.” She even had the nerve to offer to waive any claims to a financial settlement if Kanye agreed to a “record deal for my 22-year-old son”, as she put it. Of course, the judge dismissed the case, calling the woman delusional.

More False Maternity Claims Filed Against Celebrities

And, that’s still not it. The delusional groupie has also filed other maternity claims besides the ones involving Blue Ivy and North West:

  • Claimed to be birth mother of Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s twins, Moroccan Scott Cannon and Monroe Cannon
  • Filed claims against Janet Jackson, claiming to be birth mother of Michael Jackson’s kids, Prince Jackson, Paris Jackson and Blanket Jackson
  • Made claims against the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Princess Catherine, insisting she gave birth to their son Prince George
Beyonce looking like a fabulous Goddess, as usual, with her bomb virgin hair extensions.

Beyonce looking like a fabulous Goddess, as usual, with her bomb virgin hair extensions. Image Source: dunamis777 on flickr

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