Beyonce Wedding Video Shows Bridal Party “Drunk in Love”

June 02, 2014

This “Beyonce wedding video” is being called by many names: tacky, ratchet, ghetto, raunchy, even gross. Others have dubbed this unique style of celebrating such a beautiful occasion: romantic, passionate, great performance, excellent choreography, cute and fun.

What am I talking about? You haven’t seen the YouTube video of the bridal party giving lap dances to the groomsmen? No, I am not lying. They performed to “Drunk in Love” by Beyonce, of course. And, according to the comments they video has received on YouTube, they roused much more than just the crowd.

Watch the Drunk in Love Wedding Video Now

Beyonce Wedding Video

As I write this, the Beyonce wedding video is at 810,700 views. It features the bridal party for the May 24, 2014 wedding of Ashunti Copling and Rawlings Osei. This video, which was uploaded by Leenette Copling-Foster, has already gone viral on both Twitter and Facebook.

So, what’s the big deal? That’s what many people are saying?

Maybe it’s the fact that the entire bridal party had on spandex with slits that met their thighs. Or, maybe some people are irritated by the fact that the groomsmen were used as their props as they sat in chairs, facing the ladies as they danced provocatively. Then, there are those who seem to be most irritated because the bride herself, Ashunti Copling, was right in the center (unconfirmed), dancing like an intoxicated, love-sick woman.

Beyonce Wedding Video for Drunk in Love

This Video of Wedding Party Performing to Beyonce’s Drunk in Love Has Gone Viral

As many comments noted, at least this wedding wasn’t boring. But, it does tickle me how far people try to go to dispel old, white traditions, especially during nuptials. Personally, I like the mixed responses the Beyonce wedding video is getting. Some people love the performance, others are appalled that a performance like this went down at a wedding.

Beyonce VS Ashunti

To me, it’s ironic because I remember the mixed responses people gave when Beyonce and Jay-Z performed “Drunk in Love” at the 2014 Grammy Awards. People said it was “Too Filthy for the Grammys.” This is very reminiscent of that. Some felt it was too, let’s say, sensual for the target audience. Others said it was an “appropriate sexy display of love and attraction between two married people”, according to Naturally Moi.

After watching Ashunti’s “Drunk in Love” wedding video, I will say that the groomsmen looked completely baffled. Just imagine having to sit through that face-to-face performance with your mother, aunt, girlfriend, even daughter in the room. Not to mention the lap dance they got from the ladies, which had to make somebody’s grandma blush.

Congratulations Ashunti! Rawlings Put a Ring on It.

But, it seems like everyone there was enjoying themselves and having fun. So, I’m not judging. If Ashunti’s grandmother is okay with it, so am I.

It’s like I said, it’s amazing how far some women will go to make sure that their weddings can never be called boring or traditional. And, I’m all for it. Generally, none of the “normal” wedding traditions of today come from our culture anyway.

So, dance on Beyonce and Jay-Z. And, prance on Ashunti Copling and Rawlings Osei. Rawlings liked it, so he put a ring on it. Ashunti’s just showing us what she did to get him there. Plus, everyone’s hair looks amazing in this Ashunti Version of a Beyonce Wedding Video… Drunk in Love!

Featured Image: Drunk in Love Bridal Party of Ashunti Coupling and Rawlings Osei

Watch the Drunk in Love Wedding Video Now

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