Does Hiding Hair Loss with a Weave Cause More Damage?

April 22, 2015

Not every Weave Queen became one out of sheer fashion sense. Some actually got on the hair weave bandwagon because they simply had no choice. They turned to human hair weaves to hide their balding and severe hair loss. But, does hiding hair loss with a weave lead to good or bad results in the end?

Hiding Hair Loss Caused by Folliculitis Induced Alopecia

Experts say Serena Williams was suffering from 'traction alopecia' while hiding hair loss with this weave.

Experts say Serena Williams was suffering from ‘traction alopecia’ while hiding hair loss with this weave.
Image Source: Daily Mail

Many women today suffer from a medical condition known as Folliculitis Induced Alopecia. This condition causes hair follicles to become inflamed due to the scalp being clogged up with bacteria. In time, this completely destroys some hair follicles, and makes it extremely hard for others to grow back.

That’s when many women resort to hiding hair loss and balding with virgin hair extensions. They’re able to cover it up with the weaves, but their self-esteem still suffers tremendously. According to Essence hair experts, using a weave to hide hair loss can actually help the situation.

Weaves are Healthy Tools for Hiding Hair Loss

If you have Folliculitis Induced Alopecia, you need treat it before scar tissue begins to replace the hair follicles. As long as some follicles are intact, your hair stylist can help them start to produce hair again. So, how can wearing a weave help with this?

Well, for one thing, hiding hair loss with a weave allows women to feel more confident in the public eye. But, wearing a weave also allows you to literally leave you hair alone, giving your scalp time to heal.

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However, you do have to be careful sporting virgin hair extensions with scalp conditions like Folliculitis Induced Alopecia. They tend to cause traction on your natural hair, which can lead to follicle roots becoming inflamed. But, there are tips to combat this:

  1. Use Anti-Bacterial Topical Agents – A 3-day treatment of the anti-fungal medication known as fluconazole can really help reduce the spread of bacteria.
  2. Don’t Allow Weaves to be Too Tight – This makes it impossible for your scalp to breathe properly, making it easier for bacteria to grow.

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