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Q. How long will hair last?
A. 1. Premium Goddess Collection will last 3-5 months with proper care.
2. VIP Goddess collection will last 6-12 months with proper care.

Q. What color is hair?
A. 1. VIP Goddess Collection comes Hair comes in natural color’s that range from 1b and 2.
2. Premium Goddess collection hair has been colored we carry 1, 1b and 2 however custom orders can be made but may take longer to be shipped.

Q. How long will it take to receive package?
A. All orders are shipped within 2-3 days of purchase and takes 3-4 days on average to reach customer in the United States, unless you requested a rush order. International orders may take up to 2 weeks depending on customs. However wholesale orders do take longer to package and process, please allow 5-7 days to process all wholesale orders

Q. Will hair wave up again after I straighten it?
A. 1. VIP Goddess collection all hair will revert back to original wave/curl pattern after being washed.
2. Premium Goddess collection may not revert back to original wave/curl pattern.

Q. Can I dye hair?
A. 1.VIP Goddess Collection hair can be dyed as light as blonde.
2. Premium Goddess hair has already been colored and can not be colored again.

Q. How many bundles do I need?
A. Normally 2 bundles are enough for a full head, but If you are purchasing hair over 18inches long will need an extra bundle because hair is measured by weight.

Q. Can I cut Weft?
A. Our wefts are not meant to be cut, If you need to cut your weft we recommend sealing the ends so that hair will not shed at point of cut.

Q. Will hair look exactly like hair the hair in the pictures?
A. Because Kybele Virgin Hair is actual Human hair we can not gaurantee that every bundle will be exactly the same, due to it coming from different donors