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These are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) in regards to the Kybele Virgin Hair website and products affiliate program:

Affiliate FAQ for Kybele Virgin Hair

  1. What is an affiliate program? Our affiliate program allows you to refer visitors to our website or specific products and receive a commission for sales generated by those referrals. These referrals must be made through your unique affiliate link which is generated by e-junkie when you sign up for our program.
  2. How do I sign up for Kybele’s affiliate program? To sign up, all you have to do is complete this quick online affiliate application form. You will be asked to read our affiliate program terms and conditions before submitting your application. You will receive an email confirmation upon acceptance into our program, along with your login information. You will then have access to text links, images and HTML codes, which will include your unique affiliate ID. You can use these tools to begin earning commissions.
  3. How much does your affiliate program pay? Kybele pays a 5% commission incentive for sales generated through your unique affiliate ID.
  4. When do you pay your affiliates? We pay our affiliates one each month through PayPal. These payments are made by the 30th of each month, for commissions generated the prior month. There is no minimum required in order to receive affiliate commissions.
  5. What types of tools do you provide for your program affiliates? We provide our affiliates with example text links, button images, banner ads, testimonials, email copy, newsletters and/or suggestions.
  6. How do I find my affiliate link? Simply login to our website, then click on Affiliate Home. Once there, you will find your affiliate link code, as well as examples on how to use it to link to our website and/or specific products.
  7. How do I make changes to my affiliate program information? Our affiliate program is ran by e-junkie. Once you have been approved as a Kybele affiliate, you will be able to login to the e-junkie website to make changes to your affiliate account.
  8. How do I keep track of my statistics as an affiliate? Our affiliate program is ran by e-junkie. Once you have been approved as a Kybele affiliate, you will be able to login to the e-junkie website to see your sales and commissions generated.
  9. Can I use your site content? You can only use content provided to you within the Affiliate Resources page. You cannot republish duplicate content from any other area of the Kybele website or blog.
  10. How do I use the affiliate links and tracking codes? Visit our Affiliate Media Library for detailed instructions.
  11. Where do I get images and graphics to use on my website, blog, social media networks, emails, etc…? Visit our Affiliate Media Library for affiliate graphics and images.

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