Hair Weave Thefts, Robberies & Death Increase Across the Country

July 03, 2014

The market for hair extensions is bigger than it’s ever been. And, with this summer being so hot, it seems like even long-haired women are shopping for hair weaves because of their low-maintenance appeal. They are in such high demand these days, that a black market has been created just for virgin hair extensions. This is increasing hair weave theft across the country.

Featured Image: Dallas hair weave robbery caught on camera. Authorities say these thefts are costing store owners tens of thousands of dollars. Image Source: My Fox DFW

Black Market for Hair Weave Thefts Turns Deadly

Dallas man clowns local hair weave theft epidemic.

Dallas man clowns local hair weave theft epidemic. Image Source: Eric Nicholson on Dallas Observer

And, with this black market comes, of course… hair weave thefts. Nowadays, we’re seeing people bold enough to do smash n’ grabs just for hair weaves. Some even have the nerve to throw bricks through the glass doors of beauty supply stores just for bundles packs of hair. The goal is to come up on as many bundles as they can, then sell them on the streets for profit.

Hair Extensions Car Jacking in New Orleans Area

On July 2nd, Michelle Hunter of Nola reported on a hair weave theft-turned-carjacking in the New Orleans community of Avondale. At the time of the report, three women and a teenage girl had been arrested, with police still searching for a 15-year old girl in connection with the crime.

They were supposed to be making a deal with a 22-year old New Orleans woman for designer hair extensions, some of the best virgin hair around. Instead, they pepper-sprayed her, shocked her three times with a stun gun, then took off with her car and the virgin hair extensions.

Smash ‘N Grab Hair Extensions Robbery in Chicago Area

Back on June 27th, Mark of Chocolate Covered Lies reported on a beauty supply store burglary in Chicago community of Oak Lawn. In this incident, nine people took part in smashing the store window with a brick, and making off with $50,000 worth of virgin hair extensions. Not one red cent was stolen out of the cash register. The crooks only came to commit hair weave theft.

Hair weave theft at knife point in Jacksonville, FL

This woman committed a hair weave theft at knife point in Jacksonville, FL. Image Source:

Florida Woman Charged with Felony in Hair Weave Theft

In June 17th hair weave theft, Fox10TV reported on a woman charged with a felony in hair theft. The 34-year old had stolen $600 worth of virgin Brazilian hair extensions. For those who know the value of virgin hair weaves, you know that only adds up to just three bundles at $200 each. This Florida woman was caught on tape committing this felony hair extensions robbery.

Woman caught for hair weave robbery because of Instagram post.

This woman was caught for a hair weave robbery thanks to Instagram posts. Smh. Image Source: Forward Times Online

Atlanta Hair Extensions Armed Robbery Turns Deadly

And, in December of last year, Tammy Joyner of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution brought us the story of botched hair weave robbery. This armed robbery took place in the Atlanta community of Rockdale, and actually ended in murder. A group which included several women and men tried to rob a couple at gunpoint. They were in the process of buying Virgin hair in Atlanta.

This led to a shootout, with one of the suspects, a 21-year old woman, being shot multiple times. She later died at a local Rockdale hospital, all over bundles of Virgin hair in Atlanta. With the help of the U.S. Marshals Service Southeast Regional Task Force, all of the suspects in the deadly hair weave theft were eventually caught.

Hair Weaves are Not Worth Your Life

The truly sad part, is these aren’t even the gist of it. During my research for this article, I found stories of hair extensions thefts and robberies dating back to 2010. These stories included thefts of Malaysian hair, Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair… you name it… they’re stealing it these days.

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