How to Wash Your Human Hair Extensions

July 31, 2014

Why is it that some people can keep their weaves in for a long time, while others’ only last weeks? Is there a secret to owning fabulous looking virgin hair extensions for years? Yes, there is. The secret to keeping your hair weave looking fresh and new is: wash your human hair extensions.

It simply makes no sense to pay so much for your human hair weave, then not take excellent care of it. Many women have issues with washing their hair while wearing virgin hair extensions. But, if you want great looking (and smelling) hair, it simply must be done.

The Easy Way to Wash Your Human Hair Weave

Virgin Hair (IE, Peruvian Hair, Brazilian Hair, Malaysian Hair and Indian Hair)

Human virgin hair is probably easier to wash and condition than any other type of hair. So, here’s a virgin hair care guide to help you wash your human hair extensions.

Note: If your weave is glued in, be extremely careful so your wefts won’t dissolve.

6 Simple Steps to Wash Your Human Hair Extensions

  1. You need to wash your human hair extensions well and often.

    You need to wash your human hair extensions well and often. Image Source: PureWow of Style List

    Part your hair down the middle to make two sections, one on each side of your head. Rest the hair towards the front over your chest. Use a wide-toothed comb or paddle brush to gently de-tangle your human hair.

  2. Use warm water to wet your weave. Start at the top of the weft, close to your tracks, letting the water run in a downward motion. Do not saturate the tracks under your hair extensions.
  3. Use a little moisturizing shampoo to remove initial excess oils and dirt from the weave. Apply it in a downward motion. Because of hair spray, oils, moisturizers, weft sealants and other weave care products you normally use, the shampoo may not lather up well. Simply rinse it out, then repeat this process to thoroughly wash your human hair extensions. Keep doing this until the soap lather and water both run clear.
  4. In the same downward motion, apply a moisturizing conditioner after you wash your human hair extensions. Leave the conditioner in your weave for about 15 minutes. Then, rinse it out thoroughly.
  5. You can follow this by adding your favorite oil or leave-in conditioner to your virgin hair weave while it’s still wet. However, as long as you use a good moisturizing conditioner after you wash your human hair extensions, this isn’t absolutely necessary.
  6. Dry your hair thoroughly by sitting under the dryer or using a blow dryer. You can also allow your virgin hair extensions to air dry. However, it’s vital that your tracks are completely dry before you go to bed or leave the house. If not, the moisture will fester, and eventually you’ll get that funky odor that comes from human hair being wet too long.

Featured Image: Woman washing her hair under shower water. Image Source: Black Hair Information

How Often Should You Wash Your Virgin Hair Weave?

How often you wash your human hair extensions depends on various things. Two of these things include the types and amounts of products you use in your human hair, and how much and often you sweat.

Generally, the rule is: the curlier the virgin hair weave, the more you need to wash it to keep the natural curl pattern intact. Here at Kybele Virgin Hair, we recommend washing your human hair extensions at least every 7-10 days.

How often do you wash your virgin hair weave? Share with us in the comments below.

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