LHHATL: Scrappy and Momma Dee Talk Miscarriage

Miscarriage drama strikes Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (LHHATL). On Sunday morning, VH1 released a clip letting the fans of LHHATL know that Scrappy Has Heartbreaking News to share. Scrappy is usually the one dishing out the heartache and tears, especially to the significant others in his life. Finally, fans get a chance to feel for the rapper and LHHATL star, who announced that Bambi suffered a miscarriage.

In the special bonus clip, VH1 gives us an inside seat to Scrappy breaking the gut-wrenching news to Momma Dee. During his visit with his mom, the entertainer told his mother, “I thought I was gonna have me a lil’ homie.” The reason for the miscarriage is unknown.

Bambi in Hospital Bed after Miscarriage

Bambi says this is a picture of her in her hospital bed after suffering a miscarriage. Image Source: The YBF

Scrappy Connected with His Unborn Son

The expecting couple already knew Bambi was pregnant with a little boy. Scrappy was notably broken up, making it obvious that he’d already become attached to his unborn son. He shared with his mother how “connected” he already was with the baby.

As a dad, Scrappy looked forward to watching, Emani, his daughter with LHHATL’s Erica Dixon, bond with his “lil’ homie.” He already had dreams of Emani playing with and teaching her little brother.

After promising her son that it will happen for him one day, Momma Dee made a revelation of her own. She informs Scrappy, whom she often refers to as “The Prince”, that she had a miscarriage herself in the past. Apparently, the reality TV mom suffered a miscarriage of her own when The Prince was just months old.

Featured Image: Bambi was just introduced as a cast member on Basketball Wives: LA in October 2012. Image Credit: Real Reality Gossip

Momma Dee Share Miscarriage Experience with Scrappy

Momma Dee offers to go over to the house to console Bambi. Of course, this concerns Scrappy who will never forget his mother’s past treatment of his current flame. According to Momma Dee, the rumors were rampant, and she simply was not about to allow any industry “hoes up in the palace.”

The Royal Son still insists that his almost-baby-momma was not and is not an industry hoe. Momma Dee informs her son that she’s still watching. Scrappy responds by reminding mommy if you go by rumors, he too is an industry hoe. He tells Mommy Dearest to work it out because Bambi isn’t going anywhere.

Bambi Shows Proof of Miscarriage

Who goes around showing proof to the media that they had a miscarriage? Compton rapper, and almost-baby-momma to Scrappy, Bambi. That’s who. The former Basketball Wives L.A. star is making a transition over to Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, thanks to her Boo Thang, Scrappy.

We’ve all heard of a “proof of pregnancy.” But, leave it to the reality TV star, who’s also a member of the Compton rap group, The Lipstick Game, to produce a “proof of miscarriage.” It seems that most people don’t believe Bambi was ever pregnant. Many believe the entire pregnancy was faked just to keep her relevant on Love & Hop Atlanta.

So, Bambi decided to publicly set the record straight. She released a statement through her “rep” insisting that she’d lost the baby she was pregnant with by Scrappy. She also felt the need to release photos of herself in her hospital bed, as well as her official discharge documents.

Bambi's Hospital Release Papers from Miscarriage

Bambi allowed the media to publish her hospital release papers after suffering a miscarriage. Image Source: The YBF

Bambi and the Lipstick Gang

For the record, the name Bambi may sound sweet and precious, but her rap style is far from either one. In fact, it must be noted that the Lipstick Gang is no clique of pretty girls rockin’ 24-inch Virgin Malaysian Extensions.

These “thugettes” are pink-bandana wearing, crip-walkin rap artists with no shame of their love for the stick icky. Check out the video Look at Yo Body by Bambi featuring Lakeisha Malaysia, co-member of the Lipstick Gang of Compton.


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