LHHATL: Shay Johnson Interview – I’m Still in Picture and Both Erica P & Bambi Are “Non-Factors”

Remember when Evelyn called Tami a “non-__-factor” during a one of many catfights on season two of Basketball Wives? Well, that’s basically what the reality TV star said in a Shay Johnson interview with VH1 about Lil’ Scrappy’s two (well, almost) baby mommas.

Now, I’m sure you all remember Shay. She first hit the reality TV scene as Buckeey trying to win the heart of America’s “ugly hype man” on Flavor of Love 2. She later admitted in a Shay Johnson interview with Madame Noire that her goal was not to win Flav.

Instead, Buckeey was following the advice of producers. Apparently, the “contestants” were told that the longer you remained on the show, the more relevant you’ll be in the end. Sound familiar?

Featured Image: This is the first time we she Shay as more than just a BFF to Lil’ Scrappy on LHHATL. Image Source: Mirna Bear

Shay Johnson Interview says Flav of Flavor of Love 2 was about staying relevant.

Flavor of Love 2 became the highest rated show that was not sports related, as well as VH1′s highest viewed show in the channel’s history. In a Shay Johnson interview, she tells Madame Noire that it was all about staying relevant. Image Source: Wiz Nation

From Buckeey to Shay, Still a Reality TV Lover & Fighter

Next, we bumped into her again on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (LHHATL), where she popped up as Lil’ Scrappy’s BFF, Shay Johnson. The rapper’s long-time, on-again-off-again, girlfriend/OG baby momma, Erica Dixon (not P) always seemed to wonder about the true nature of Scrappy and Shay’s relationship.

Eventually, the truth came out. And, on the LHHATL Reunion Part 1, we find Shay storming off the set after Scrappy proposes to baby momma, Erica Dixon. I guess she’d forgotten the “staying relevant” advice from VH1 producers she talked about in her Shay Johnson interview with Madame Nior, when she stormed off the set like a scorned lover.

Seems like the combination of Love, Hip Hop Atlanta and a broken heart can do that to a woman. Seems like a Shay Johnson interview was scheduled every day for weeks after that love triangle fiasco.

Scrappy Love Quad: Shay Johnson Back to Erica Dixon to Erica P to Bambi

Anyway, as time went on:

  • Scrappy and Erica Dixon broke up.
  • Lil’ Scrappy started dating, Erica Pinkett (AKA Erica P), who had a pregnancy scare at some point.
  • The rapper hooks up with Compton rapper, Bambi, who says she got pregnant and miscarried Scrappy’s baby boy just last month.

Shay Insists on Remaining Relevant to Scrappy and VH1

Shay Bukeey Johnson and Lil Scrappy Kiss on VH1's LHHATL

Shay Bukeey Johnson and Lil Scrappy Kiss on VH1’s LHHATL. In a recent Shay Johnson interview with VH1, the reality TV star says that both Erica P and Bambi are irrelevant. Image Source: Mirna Bear

Wednesday, VH1’s Damian Bellino posted excerpts from an exclusive Shay Johnson interview with VH1. When asked how she feels about the relationship between Scrappy and Bambi, and whether or not she knows Bambi, Shay responded:

“No, and I care not to. I have nothing bad to say about her. It’s irrelevant because I haven’t gone anywhere. There has been social network back and forth, little subliminal comments. But it’s petty. She’s doing her with him — whatever they’re doing. But I’m doing me with him, and that’s the great part.”

Shay goes on to tell VH1 that she has no desire to discuss Erica P. Why? Well, she doesn’t believe “it” will last. She believes that whatever’s between Erica P. and rapper, Lil’ Scrappy will die over time, noting:

It’s just irrelevant. Like it’s nothing to even talk about.”

I will say that it’s quite ironic that Shay insists that Bambi is a hoe that can’t be transformed into a housewife. She says this because, according to her, Bambi was sleeping with Scrappy while he was “dealing with other women.”

So, Shay is the better woman because Scrappy was only sleeping with one other woman when she started sleeping with him? Smh at the irony of that pot calling a kettle black.

Shay Johnson Interview: Timeline of Scrappy Love Failures

Ms. Buckeey says that her focus remains on what she and Lil Scrappy have together, what she called “unconditional love.” She also shares the Scrappy Love Square timeline, as she sees it:

  1. Lil’ Scrappy dealt with ex-fiancé and only baby momma (for now), Erica Dixon, for more than 10 years.
  2. Around three years after Erica Dixon and Scrappy met, Shay, AKA Buckeey, came into the picture. He was living with Crime Mob rapper, Diamond, at the time.
  3. About four years later, Scrappy and Diamond broke up, and the romance between he and Shay Johnson began to unfold.

As you can see from the Shay Johnson interview with VH1, like it or not, Shay is still following the advice of the producers of Flavor of Love 2. She’s doing what it takes to stay on LHHATL as long as possible, even if that means coming and going… and coming and going. If that’s what it takes to “stay relevant”, I say more power to you, Ms. VH1 Woman of Color.

Sounds like Shay just may be coming back to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta this season. What do you think?

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