Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Flying Hair Weaves Recap 1:1 (Full Episode)

As we reported last week, VH1 has added yet another addition to the popular Love and Hip Hop family, The new installment is called Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. And, much like it’s sister series, there’s no shortage of drama, fights, backstabbing, trash-talking, love, Hip Hop and sex. Not to mention, the new show features stars who have actually “made it”, as well as baby mama drama, a dramatic, overbearing mama, and a screen filled with flying hair weaves. (See “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood? Wow. Another VH1 LAHH Spinoff!” for more details.)

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Has a Really Strong Start and Flying Hair Weaves… Lol

Teairra Mari and Ray J

Most people know Teairra Mari as a beautiful young singer who was once on top of the charts while she was signed to Rocafella back in the day. Well, now, she is going wild, throwing drinks as well as punches. She’d better be careful. Flying hair weaves don’t always make it through fights intact.

On this episode, Teairra faced off with her ex-boyfriend Ray J’s girlfriend Princess at a blog Launch party he had invited her to despite the strict disapproval of his longtime friend and publicist Morgan. Teairra dated Ray J on and off for nine years and eventually they broke up after as she put it, she found a “hoes” photos on his phone. In the process of the breakup she left some things at his house in a bag.

Flying Hair Weaves: Teairra Mari Wildin Out on Ray J.

Teairra Mari Wildin Out on Ray J. See that hair weave fly! Image Source: Necole Bitchie

When Teairra went to the party and asked Ray J about the bag, again, his girlfriend, Princess took out her phone. Then, she started showing photos of the contents of Teairra’s bag, which included some Vaginal Cream and used airline tickets.

Teairra, who was on her 11th drink of the night, threw a drink at princess. But, was pulled back before any punches were thrown, but not before the flying hair weaves were shown. I am sure these two will be the more reason to watch this show because there will definitely be more fights in future episodes.

Omarion and Apryl

Omarion is going to be a father and he has happily been dating his girlfriend and mother of his unborn child for three years. Gone are his younger B2K days and he stresses that point thoroughly on the show. He proclaimed that he is a solo artiste and should be termed as that.

Omarion and Apryl at the premier of their VH1 reality TV show.

Omarion and Apryl at the premier of their VH1 reality TV show. Image Source: loveandhiphophollywood

However, not everyone is happy about his new family life. His mother, who claims that since Aprul came into the picture Omarion stopped helping her financially at a time when she was ill, is being harsh toward her.

Soulja Boy and Nia

Soulja Boy a.k.a. Mr. Crank Dat is back in the limelight with his girlfriend Nia Riley. The star has has known and dated Nia on and off for eight years has a son from another relationship.

Nia and Soulja Boy go through it on their new reality TV show. Nia does her best to keep the star from cheating on her.

Nia and Soulja Boy go through it on their new reality TV show. Nia does her best to keep the star from cheating on her. Image Source: loveandhiphophollywood

I know, you’re wondering, Soulja Boy, a step-father? Well, all seems well, but, Nia seems worried about all the groupies he has around him. Will there be trouble in paradise? We will just have to wait and see how it plays out!

Fizz and Moniece

Remember Lil Fizz of B2K? Well, now he is all grown and goes by Fizz. He is a father to a 4-year old boy. He and his baby’s mother are not together and neither are they in good terms. Moniece, his baby mama, seems like a cool and collected lady but there is something sinister about her. Guess Fizz saw it too and that is why he has a restraining order out on the mother of his child.

Flying Hair Weaves: Fizz and Moniece, during better days. Now, he calls her a Bipolar Thot.

Fizz and Moniece, during better days. Now, he calls her a Bipolar Thot. Lol. Image Source: imgarcade

On the show, she confronts Fizz about him ignoring her calls. I don’t blame him as she is too busy working on starting up her Sex toy business than she is spending time with her son. Yes, she even says it. All I can say is, I sense something major is going to go down between these two. Just wait and see! You may soon discover that she can throw punches and flying hair weaves like the best of them.

Video: Full Episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 1

Check out the Flying Hair Weaves on 1:1

Watch the video below to catch the entire very first episode of VH1’s new reality TV show, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. This video, which features flying hair weaves, courtesy of Teairra Mari, was uploaded to YouTube by Love & Hip Hop Televison.

For more drama tune in every Monday evening on VH1 to catch up with these characters and others!

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