Premium Virgin Hair Care 101: 7 Tips for Keeping Your Tracks Intact

August 14, 2014

These days, virgin hair extensions aren’t just cosmetic expenses. They’re more like investments. Premium virgin hair costs are so high these days, that hair weave thefts and robberies are taking place all over the country. That’s because this type of human hair is not easy to come by. In order to truly be labeled as 100% virgin hair, the cuticles must still be intact. Therefore, it’s important to maintain your weave properly to give it the longest life possible. With the proper care, these investments can last for months, may even a year or so.

Featured Image: B. Scott (Brandon Scott Sessoms) shown here with a very healthy, lustrous looking premium hair weave. Image Source: Wikipedia

7 Tips to Caring for Your Premium Virgin Hair Weave

Here are seven tips to help you keep your premium virgin hair looking healthy and lustrous throughout its life:

Omarosa of “The Apprentice” always keeps her premium virgin hair weave looking fabulous like a Goddess.

Omarosa, who has competed on all 3 different versions of “The Apprentice” always keeps her weave looking fabulous like a Goddess.

1) Protect Your Natural Hair

Even through you wear a weave, there are generally parts of your natural hair that people can still see. If you don’t care for your own head of hair properly, it becomes damaged. Those uneven strands of hair and all that hair breakage makes your hair extensions look unnatural… like a weave. The trick to looking good in a weave is to keep it looking natural. So, be sure to care for you own hair, too, so it blends properly with your human hair weave.

2) Try Custom Blends

If the texture of your natural mane is in-between two types of wefts, create your own custom blend. Simply mix two different textures that are similar to each other, and your own natural hair. This will give your premium virgin hair extensions a more natural feel and look. For example, mixing Qandisa Wave Virgin Brazilian Hair with Oshun Wave Virgin Peruvian Hair will give you an awesome, unique look.

Magical Unicorn Hair Extensions by VaryelMortis on Deviant Art

Magical Unicorn Hair Extensions by VaryelMortis on Deviant Art

3) Play Around with Color

Premium virgin hair weaves can give you a big, bold look with the right colors. Always wanted to dye your natural hair, but worried about damaging it? Dying to have colored tips, but not sure if your weave can take it? Thinking about going blonde, but not sure if the dye will take? Well, you can color your weave without bleach, to create all kinds of colorful looks, blends and styles.

4) Stick to Natural Roots

Coloring human hair extensions creates a unique look and style fit for a Goddess. For a seamless blend, keep your roots their natural color. Instead of an intense color that goes from the roots to the ends, you end up with a more rooted look.

5) Wash & Condition Premium Virgin Hair

Just because your virgin hair weaves lasts for months, that’s no excuse for going that long without washing it. You need to wash and condition your premium virgin hair extensions regularly using a moisturizing shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner. Read “How to Wash Your Human Hair Extensions” for a simple six-step process.

Curling premium virgin hair extensions using heat can damage your weave.

Curling hair extensions using heat can damage your weave. Try pin curls or a rod-set instead. Image Source: Flickr Page by Jessie Pearl

6) Go with Heat-Free Curls

Heat damages all human hair. And, that’s exactly what virgin hair extensions are, 100% human hair. So, it’s never okay to repeatedly use heated styling tools, as they will damage your virgin hair weave. Use a rod-set or pin-curl your hair extensions instead of using curling iron. You’d be amazed at how well a roller-set stretches out the cuticles of the weave, giving it lots of volume and shine. These heat-free curls can last up to two whole weeks.

7) Seal Your Wefts

People are always talking about sealing wefts. But, what does that actually mean? Basically, when you seal your wefts, you stop your weave from shedding from the weft. After a while, shedding causes your weave to have bald spots. There’s nothing becoming about that. To prevent this, simply seal your wefts using a glue to reinforce premium virgin hair extensions.

Looking for a good product to seal your weft? The Goddesses of Kybele Virgin Hair recommend Fray Check as a weft sealant. It stops premium virgin hair weaves from shedding. Click here to order Fray Check today.

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