Ready to Step Into Spring with Lighter Hair? Lighten Up Your Hair Color with Balayage (Tutorial Video)

April 07, 2015

Are you “dyeing” to lighten up your hair color this spring? Well, you’re certainly not alone. There’s just something about the spring sunshine that makes women crave those lively colors. From bright, bold lips, to vibrant, sun-kissed hair, spring is the time for blossoming and transitioning into a new style for the season. Balayage Ombre makes brightening up your hair or weave color simple and safe.

A Before and After Look at a Balayage Ombre Job

A Before and After Look at a Balayage Ombre Job
Virgin Hair Extensions Colored and Streaked Using Balayage
Image Source: Gumtree

Lighten Up Your Hair Color and Weave with Balayage Ombre

Balayage Ombre, or Balayage (for short), was first introduced to the fashion scene by none other than Vogue. The word “Balayage” was derived from a French word which means “to sweep.” It’s basically a freehand technique to lighten up your hair color, or your weave color, for that matter.

Here’s the basic 3-step process to lighten up your hair color using the Balayage technique:

  1. You section your hair.
  2. Take each swatch of hair and lay it against a backboard.
  3. Then, you hand paint each swatch with a lightening agent of some sort.

* See Tutorial Video Below

Lighten Up Your Hair Color and Weave Color this Spring with Balayage Ombre Highlights

Balayage Ombre Highlights by Unbooked Appointments

Why Use Balayage to Lighten Up Your Hair Color This Spring

This style of hair coloring was actually developed back in the 1970s. It’s both chic and modern. It also helps to create dimension and depth, making it a perfect way to lighten up your hair, and still safely enjoy being out in the sun.

And, the best part is that Balayage is extremely low-maintenance, making it a Weave Queen’s dream. In the end, you’ll have a beautiful healthy finish. Your hair will look naturally luxurious and glossy.

So, if you looking to lighten up your hair, think about trying Balayage. It’s safe for your hair, safe in the sun. Plus, your hair will come out looking 100% fabulous.

Video: DIY Balayage Ombre Tutorial Using Virgin Hair Extensions and Lace Closure

Balayage is great for virgin hair extensions and human hair weaves, too! In the video below, the Balayage Ombre technique is shown on a human hair weave using a lace closure.

Check out this YouTube video entitled “DIY BALAYAGE OMBRE Tutorial (Lace Closure Unit)”, uploaded by ashleyheartmakeup:

Have you ever used Balayage Ombre to lighten up your hair color or weave color?

Tell us your experiences with Balayage in the comments below.

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