Real Life Ex-Basketball Wife Talks Affairs and Overcoming Abuse

August 05, 2014

As popular as the reality TV show Basketball Wives is, there are still times when things can be a bit “unreal.” A lot of this has to do with the fact that things can be over and under-dramatized when cameras are rolling. So, when it comes to deep, meaningful topics, it’s always good to hear from real life basketball wife. (See slide image gallery below)

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Voted to List of “Top 10 Craziest Wives/Exes of the Sporting World”

Carlita Hodges was once a basketball wife to Craig Hodges, a guard with the Chicago Bulls. These days, she takes great pride in being an entrepreneur, speaker, author and advocate for women. But, there was a time when her claim to basketball wife fame was her reputation as one of the “Top 10 Craziest Wives/Exes of the Sporting World.”

She remained silent for over 20 years, enduring the damage created by her reputation. Eventually, she realized how important is was for her to break this silence for the sake of other women. In her book, “Carlita’s Way: Out of the Dark Into the Light (My Journey)”, the ex-Mrs. Hodges opens up about her experience as a basketball wife.

Carlita’s book is not only a self-help guide, but a revealing memoir about “her secret struggles in her marriage and personal life.” She reveals long-kept secrets about enduring manipulations abuse and what she calls serial infidelity during her time as a basketball wife.

Basketball Wife Reveals Secret Affair with R. Kelly

After her separation from the Chicago Bulls basketball player, he lied, telling the courts Carlita abandoned her kids. This led to her temporarily losing custody simply because she couldn’t afford the high-priced lawyer needed to fight him in court. Eventually, all of this led to a verbal confrontation between the two, which ended up turning violent.

Long story short, she Carlita was ordered and ordered to get out of Northbrook, Illinois. The judge said that the situation between her and then-husband was “potentially fraught with danger and violence.” This is directly related to charges filed against her for aggravated battery. Back in December 1991, the basketball wife was accused of dumping gasoline all over Craig Hodges and throwing lit matches at him in hopes of setting him on fire.

Candid Interview with Former Basketball Wife about Affair with R. Kelly

The now ex-basketball wife takes no pride in admitting that she did have an affair with R&B singer, R. Kelly. She had turned to him for comfort, after years of infidelity and abuse from her basketball player husband.

In a recent phone interview with Naomi Bonman, a fellow writer with, Carlita Hodges comes strong. She explains how she overcame her dramatic, tragic, unhealthy marriage. The following is from that interview, which Bonman talks about in her article entitled “Former basketball wife chats on overcoming abusive relationship”:

At some point, Carlita began to feel trapped in both her marriage, as well as her affair with R. Kelly. When asked by Bonman what advice what advice she has for others trapped in affairs, Carlita says, “…I just left.” She also says:

“I just decided that enough is enough. I didn’t think about it, I just said ‘that’s it’. But what I would say to other women as well as men… don’t do it. It wasn’t a smart move. I don’t have any regrets about it because I did learn some lessons in it. My advice would be not to do it. I would prefer to just leave the relationship totally before I stepped out.”

Carlita was asked what advice she’d like to offer to young women living in awe of the basketball wife lifestyle? And, what about the women willing to do anything for a relationship with a pro-athlete, even if it’s just as a side-piece?

“Well, first of all, put your brakes on really quickly, (laughs) because it’s not all what it’s cracked up to be. Number two, don’t lose yourselves to anyone. At the end of the day if you don’t have a spiritual balance, you’re going to lose whichever way you go. You need a good foundation to win, and not get caught up with these men.”

Photos of Ex-Basketball Wife, Carlita Hodges

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