Reality TV News: We TV Brings Us Both Los Angeles & Atlanta Hair Competitions (Videos & Gallery)

Atlanta is home to some of the most infamous hair salons and talented hair stylists in the country. This tends to lure in a very diverse clientele to the Peach State. It seems that We TV understands the notoriety of the hair industry in Atlanta. The network that brought us the reality TV series that brought us L.A. Hair is now adding the hair salon competition show, Cutting It: In the ATL, to the mix (teaser video, promo video and Atlanta hair image gallery below).

Cast of WE TV’s upcoming Atlanta hair reality TV show “Cutting It in the ATL” at the 68th Bronner Bros. Beauty Show

Cast of WE TV’s upcoming Atlanta hair reality TV show “Cutting It in the ATL” at the 68th Bronner Bros. Beauty Show
Image Source: Courtney Luv

What is ‘L.A. Hair’ All About?

L.A. Hair is a reality TV show that follows four Los Angeles salon owners. These four entrepreneurs are competing to win news stylists and clients on the reality series. Fans are intrigued as they watch what The Jasmine Brand calls “top-tier salon owners” allow their ambitions to drive them. Between their narrow-minded ideas and petty jealousies, it’s a good watch each week, especially if you’re into the Los Angeles hair industry.

In season four of L.A. Hair, the salon empire of Kim Kimble comes under attack. Another celebrity hair stylist is threatening to steal her niche “the lucrative world of wigs and weaves” in an effort to grow his own A-list brand. Watch these two celebrity hair salons create hairstyles, along with lots of drama, in this battle of wills, wigs, wits and hair weaves.


The Cast of We TVs L.A. Hair Starring Los Angeles Hair Salon Owner Kim Kimble

The Cast of We TVs L.A. Hair Starring Los Angeles Hair Salon Owner Kim Kimble
Image Source: pixshark

We TV’s L.A. Hair is scheduled to return this summer. Los Angeles hair salon expert Kim Kimble and her team will also return to complete with other Los Angeles celebrity salons to protect her title in the L.A. wig and hair weave industry.

New Reality TV Show about Hair: ‘Cutting It: In the ATL’

Cutting It: In the ATL is also a reality TV hair salon competition featuring five competing salon owners from four different Atlanta hair salons. They’re also competing for top stylists and new customers, as well as prestige, within the prestigious Atlanta hair scene.

Atlanta, which is well known for its local hair salon buzz, discerning clientele and extremely talented hair stylists. Some specialize in fabulous cuts, while others are locally famous for high-quality virgin hair extensions and weaves. These five Atlanta hair stylists from four local salons have chosen to compete on the upcoming We TV reality TV show Cutting It: In the ATL:

  1. Dedra Allen – Owner of J’Doah Salon
  2. LaKenya Morris – Stylist at J’Doah Salon
  3. Mushiya Tshikuka – Owner of The Damn Salon
  4. Maja Sly – Owner of Walk-In Weaves’
  5. Beautii Joseph – Owner of Spoiled Opulence

Video: WETV Cutting It: In the ATL Teaser

Check out this video teaser of the upcoming We TV reality series Cutting It: In the ATL uploaded to YouTube by Beautii Joseph:

Video: In Atlanta, All is Fair in Hair and War

Below is a video promo of the upcoming reality TV show Cutting It: In the ATL coming to We TV May 2015. This is promo teaser video can be found on

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