RHOA Alert: Todd Tucker Signs Kandi Burruss’ Prenup Just in Knick of Time… with Stipulations

The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) fans already knew that Todd Tucker and Kandi Burruss got hitched back on April 4th. But, fan were still eager to actually watch the nuptials go down on RHOA. On Sunday, they finally got the chance on the finale of the Bravo RHOA spinoff, Kandi’s Wedding.

See Video of Kandi’s Glamorous Grand Entrance Below

The backstage drama had been airing for weeks on the Bravo spinoff. But, on Sunday’s finale, viewers got to watch the entire drama behind the prenup and the wedding itself come to a close. Everyone knows that Tucker always considered the prenup to be unfair. He proved how deeply he felt about it when he stormed out of he and Kandi’s wedding rehearsal. Yet, on the finale, he’s seen making up with his bride-to-be before the ceremony.

Kandi’s Prenup: To Sign or Not to Sign? That was Todd’s Question

We must note that it wasn’t the part about the money that had Tucker fuming. As he stated in a call he made to his fiancé, “The whole time I told you, ‘I do not want your money.” His issues were with other details in the prenuptial agreement. Tucker having to leave Kandi’s home within 30 days if they ever break up was of major concern to the groom-to-be.

And, we all know how Mama Joyce, Kandi’s mom, felt about her daughter marrying Tucker in the first place. This may have something to do with him feeling as if the prenup was written in her honor. He told the Kandi’s Wedding cameras:

“This prenup is some bullsh*t!”

Mama Joyce made it very clear to Pastor Titus Burruss that if the “Big Headed Napoleon” didn’t sign the prenup, the wedding was off! The pastor, Kandi’s dad and Mama Joyce’s ex-husband, was set to marry his daughter, but not against his ex-s demands.

Tucker was seen talking to his buddies about the situation. He admitted that he couldn’t live with Kandi. He also made it clear that he’s sacrificed so much for the chance to have the “baddest b*tch in the game wearing my chain.”

Bravo Producer, Prenup Doctor, to the Rescue!

So, on the night before the wedding, it was TV producer to the rescue. During a visit with Burruss, Tucker agreed to sign the prenuptial agreement only if Kandi made two changes:

  1. The “vacate the premises with 30-days” rule had to be tweaked
  2. She had to tweak the clause which stated that if she died while they were married, Todd would get nothing. Oh, did I forget to mention that part?

Kandi’s lawyer, Stephanie Casteel, got Todd to sign the prenup agreement. She even recorded a video of him agreeing to the terms of the agreement. Burruss got Tucker to give up on two other complaints in return for her agreed upon tweaks:

  1. Tucker has no right whatsoever to alimony if they ever divorce.
  2. He also gave up any and all rights to community property.

Kandi’s Bridal Party Looked Amazing

Featured Image: Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker on their wedding day, April 4, 2014. Image Source: Bravo TV

Kandi Burruss' Bridal Party

Kandi Burruss’ Bridal Party featured some big names in music and reality TV. Image Source: Rolling Out

All the women in Kandi’s bridal party looked fabulous! Some of the bridesmaid faces were very familiar celebs:

The Best Virgin Hair in Atlanta

Kandi sported what may be the best virgin hair weave she’s ever worn in her life. It was layered flawlessly under her glamorous tiara. All of the women in the bride’s court wore their hair in buns, with no two virgin hair buns just alike.

Most of the ladies also had on tiaras, much smaller than the bride’s, of course. But, their virgin hair extensions were no less fabulous than Kandi’s. The same can also be said of the gorgeous women in her “entrance court.” I’d have to say that these women looked fantastic sporting some of the best virgin hair in Atlanta.

Video: Kandi’s Grand Entrance

This is one of the most grandest wedding entrances I’ve ever seen. And, it would’ve never taken place had Todd not signed that prenup just in time. Check out all the perfectly groomed virgin hair extensions in this video. Everyone’s hair weaves looked outstanding.

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