Scalp Care 101: How to Protect Your Scalp Properly

June 27, 2014

Taking good care of your scalp is just as important as caring for your hair. As a matter of fact, because your scalp is so sensitive, its care should come first and foremost. Without a healthy scalp, it’s impossible to have a healthy head of hair. So, we at Kybele Virgin Hair bring to you, Scalp Care 101, for all hair styles, from natural to the best virgin hair extensions.

Everyday Scalp Care Tips

Daily scalp care is the key to growing healthy hair. Even if you wear virgin hair extensions, you want the natural hair under your weave to remain healthy. So, here are some everyday tips to take care of your scalp:

  • Scalp condition known as Tinea capitis

    Scalp conditions can happen. So, do what you can to protect your scalp. Image Source: Tinea capitis on Wikipedia

    You have to keep you scalp properly moisturized. The best way to do this is to make sure not to strip it of its natural oils too often. So, don’t wash your hair too frequently, as this removes the natural defenses that these oils provides.

  • Dandruff is a flaky scalp condition that can also be caused by washing your hair too much. These little white flakes get in your natural hair, virgin hair weaves and on your clothes. If you have a problem with these flakes, use dandruff shampoo. Also, use a moisturizing cream specifically formulated to nourish your scalp.
  • Never, ever wash your hair without applying conditioner afterward. Generally, hair conditioners are supposed to be left in for 2-10 minutes, and washed out. You can also use leave-in conditioners, which are very popular for people who wear virgin hair weaves. They protect your scalp, and give your Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair and Brazilian hair extensions a nice shine.
  • If you have sensitive scalp that tends to break out in a rash, apply a deep conditioning cream or oil to your scalp after you wash your hair. This will help to heal and prevent the rash, as well as soothe the soreness and itching. This may even give you added protection against Tinea capitis, also known as wing worms.

Scalp Care during Hot Weather

With it being summer, it’s important that you do your best to protect your scalp from the sun. Direct sunlight and high heat can seriously damage your scalp. This can lead to natural hair loss. You may also have to stop wearing your virgin hair weave in order to let your scalp heal. And, who wants to do that in the summer?

We all know about using sunblock to protect our skin from sunburn and skin cancer. Well, the same rule applies to your scalp if you plan to be in direct sunlight a lot. This is very important if you’re bald, or wear braids or any other protective hairstyle that exposes all or parts of your scalp. Hats are also helpful.

Another key to protecting your scalp in the summer is to be care with oils. When it’s hot, your scalp sweats. This causes it to create even more natural oils on its own. So, there’s really no need to apply other types of oils. However, if you need to, make sure it’s a light oil of some sort. Too much oil on your scalp increases your chances of getting sunburn, which is really painful on the scalp.

The Best Virgin Hair in Atlanta

Silk closures and lace base closures also help with scalp care. Because they hide the parts within your weave, they block your scalp from direct sunlight. So, be sure to visit the Kybele Online Virgin Hair Store and order silk closures and lace base closures.

Never forget to buy closures when you buy our Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair and Brazilian hair extensions. And, always remember, we have the best Virgin Hair in Atlanta.

Featured Image: French Braids and Corn Rows can leave scalp unprotected. Sunblock and sunscreen can help.

Know of any other scalp care protection tips? Share them with us in the comments below.

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