“Single Ladies” is back on air!!!

May 01, 2014

Every girl loves a good TV-show, we all love shows that make us laugh, make us cry and makes us think about our lives, friends and relationships. Well, there is a show that provides everything one person could want in a show. “Single ladies” is the TV-show we all love! And now there is a great news! “Single ladies” is back on air!

As we all know, “Single ladies” was first aired in May, 2011 as a two hour TV film on VH1, after that it was aired as a 3-season TV-show and the runtime of every episode was about 45 minutes of comedy and drama. Three seasons later, in February, 2014, unfortunately, this show was canceled. Last month (April) it was announced that your favorite show is back on Centric and we are all so happy about that!



This show is about three best friends Val (Stacey Dash),  Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy) and  April (Charity Shea) who live in Atlanta, Georgia. Even though they are best friends, they have different opinions and philosophies on relationships, love and sex. Val is ambitious fashion mogul that believes in true love and wants to find a partner for life, she is a good girl that is looking for her good guy. On the other hand, Keisha wants a rich husband that will fulfill her every need, after her career as video dancer has stopped. Keisha thinks with her head and not with her heart. April learned in the hard way that marriage is not always happy and even though she looks like she has the perfect life with the perfect man and the perfect marriage, she is actually unhappy. She realizes that her perfect marriage is stopping her from following her dreams.

This show brings a lot of celebrity guest stars like Terrell Owens, Darrin DeWitt Henson, Kelly Rowland, Ja Rule and many, many others.

“Single ladies” is the show that shows you how women think and that debate which type of girl has the right approach to a relationship. This is a modern, sexy show that shows you the side of the fashion world, music and celebrities and it will make you think about love and relationships.

If you haven’t seen at least one episode of “Single Ladies”, we recommend you to start right now! This is the show that will make you want to stay in front of your TV-screens all the time. We guarantee that you will love this show more than any show you have ever watched before!

And for all the other girls that are already in love with this show, let’s celebrate together that “Single Ladies” is back on air! We can’t wait for the next episode!

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