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Experts say Serena Williams was suffering from 'traction alopecia' while hiding hair loss with this weave.

Does Hiding Hair Loss with a Weave Cause More Damage?

Not every Weave Queen became one out of sheer fashion sense. Some actually got on the hair weave bandwagon because they simply had no choice. They turned to human hair weaves to hide their balding and severe hair loss. But,…

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Trim Your Ends for a Healthy Head of Hair

When to Trim Your Hair: Flyaway, Damaged and Split Ends

Women of Color trying to make their natural hair grow longer have a hard time hearing the words: trim your hair. But, we’ve been taught since childhood that we need to clip our ends for healthier hair. This rids our…

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Weave Extension Damage is Avoidable

Myth Debunked: Weave Extensions Damage Your Natural Hair

At some point in your hair care journey, you’ve probably heard that weave extensions damage your natural hair. Well, I’m here to debunk that myth and let you know that can avoid going through such a traumatic experience. You have…

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