Weave Closure 101: Learn the Basics of Closures (Gallery)

December 10, 2014

What is a closure? Well, in the world of weaves, it’s a hair piece used to make your hair extensions look more natural. Closures are just a few inches in width. To install a weave closure, you attach it to the base of a cornrow, and secure it all around the perimeter. They are generally made of lace of silk, with lace closures being the most common.

Why Do You Need a Weave Closure?

When you install virgin hair extensions, there are always little strands of your natural hair left out. Some people relax, press or flatiron them so they’ll blend better with the hair weave. But, this can damage that “leave out” hair. Over time, it will become shorter, brittle and thinner than the rest of your natural hair.

Closures protect the “leave out” hair, as they’re secured under the weave closure itself. They also help you blend different hair colors and textures more effectively. This eliminates the need to dye or bleach your natural head of hair to match your weave. It’s much easier, and safer for your natural mane, to simply dye the closure and the weave at the same time. That way, the colors will blend perfectly.

How to Wear a Weave Closure the Right Way

If you know how to sew in virgin hair extensions, then you can properly install a closure as well. Just remember not to place your weave closure right at the beginning of a part. Instead, place it about 1-inch away from your natural scalp.

You can find some really great YouTube tutorials on how to install a closure. Most of the women (and men) in these how-to videos aren’t professional hair stylists. But, most are Weave Queens who know how to make their virgin hair extensions look good.

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