What is Virgin Hair?

June 10, 2014

What is Virgin Hair? Virgin hair is exactly what your hair was when you were born. It’s hair that’s 100% unprocessed. So, what does this title mean when referring to virgin hair extensions or virgin weaves? It means exactly the same thing.

So, what does it mean when we say the hair is completely unprocessed? Well, this term refers to elite virgin hair extensions that have never been:

  • Blow-Dried
  • Colored
  • Bleached
  • Permed
  • Dyed
  • Pressed
  • Tinted
  • Curled by Heat
  • Chemically Processed
  • Exposed to Cigarette Smoke or Drugs
  • Exposed to Any Other Harsh Agents

When it comes to hair extensions, you won’t find a better quality product than genuine virgin hair. The market is flooded with hair weaves. But, in order to be sure that your weave lasts, you need to be sure it’s elite virgin hair, which lasts a very long time. As long as you care for it properly, it will keep its high quality texture and look for at least one year, maybe even longer.

Where Does Virgin Hair Come From?

Harvesting Virgin Hair involves cutting it as one, single ponytail. Image Source: Wikipedia

Harvesting Virgin Hair involves cutting it as one, single ponytail. Image Source: Wikipedia

The process of cutting hair for wholesale or resale is called harvesting. Harvesting virgin hair is a very time consuming, meticulous process, much more so that other types of weaves. This increases the value of the hair extensions, which is why we call it elite virgin hair.

In addition to never having been processed, there are other criteria that must be met during the hair harvesting process to claim the title:

  • Before being harvested, it must be confirmed that the hair is 100% unprocessed.
  • Each bundle of hair extensions must come from one, single donor.
  • Every individual bundle must be cut off of the donors head as one, single ponytail.
  • The cuticles of the hair must be fully intact, undamaged and running in the same direction.

Ever wondered what region virgin hair comes from originally? It has been known to come from many different regions and countries, as well as from various different people of various nationalities. But, some of the most popular types of virgin hair are:

What’s the Difference between Human Hair and Virgin Hair?

Well, that depends on who you ask. Virgin hair must meet all of the criteria above to hold the title. However, the title “human hair” is not a title regulated by law. Therefore, it tends to get abused by unscrupulous Online Virgin Hair Stores, wholesalers and resellers.

The bottom line is, if the hair extensions have even a minor “smidget” of real human hair in them, they can be called human hair. In other words, the hair can be a little bit of human hair, mixed with synthetic hair and/or animal hair. That’s why the quality of the weave is low, making your weave look and feel like fake hair.

Unlike elite virgin hair, these low-grade products start to diminish in quality very quickly. This is especially true after applying heat or washing the hair extensions. They also become tangled very easily, making them impossible to manage or style.

Featured Image: Virgin Hair Extensions with Lace Front Closure. Image Source: Wikipedia

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