What’s Our World Saying about VH1’s Atlanta Exes?

Ever since the debut of the supertrailer for VH1’s Atlanta Exes last week, the show has become the talk of our world. Watch out ATL! Here comes another group of black “housewives” taking on your local reality TV scene. The series is an Atlanta spin-off version of the VH1 reality show Hollywood Exes.

Yet, Atlanta Exes comes with its own flavor and local flare. There’s southern passion, and of course ATL fashion. There’s ex-wives with new strives. Then, of course, there’s anger tears, along with sadness and jeers. And, surely you didn’t think a group of Atlanta Goddesses would have a new reality show without the usual fighting over pet peeves, and the pulling of fake hair weaves.

The Cast of Atlanta Exes (See Pics Below)

But, deep down under all the reality drama of Atlanta Exes, you’ll find real women, with real issues, values, dreams, loves and lots of virgin hair extensions. Lol. So, who are the five ladies set to add even more Goddess drama to the VH1 screen on August 18?

  1. Christina Johnson – Ex-Wife of Southern Hip Hop Artist, Goodie Mob Group Member, and Former The Voice Judge and Coach, CeeLo Green
  2. Monyetta Shaw – Ex-Fiancé of R&B Artist, Ne-Yo AKA Shaffer Smith (Sexy Love, Because of Love)
  3. Sheree Buchanan – Ex-Wife of former NFL Player, Ray Buchanan (Indianapolis Colts, Atlanta Falcons, Oakland Raiders)
  4. Tameka Raymond – Ex-Wife of Hip Hop Artist and The Voice Judge and Coach (replaced CeeLo Green), Usher Raymond IV
  5. Torrei Hart – Ex-Wife of Comedian, Actor and Star of the Fakest Reality Show on TV, Real Husbands of Hollywood, Kevin Hart

Featured Image: Cast of Atlanta Exes which premieres on VH1 August 18th.  Image Source: KMB

No Shortage of Heart-Wrenching Issues

"Atlanta Exes" is a spinoff of this VH1 reality show "Hollywood Exes" with its high fashion, passion and hair weaves.

“Atlanta Exes” is a spinoff of this VH1 reality show “Hollywood Exes” with its high fashion, hearts of passion and no shortage of hair weaves. Image Source: Madame Noire

Okay, we can all take a wild guess what these five women have in common… well, the obvious things:

  • All Women of Color
  • All Live in Atlanta
  • All are Exes to High-Profile Men

But, there’s one Goddess whose story stands out on this new reality TV show, and that’s the ex-Mrs. Usher, Tameka. In the Atlanta Exes trailer below, it’s obvious that we’ll all get to watch this strong woman heal from much more than just her divorce. Back in 2012, her son with Usher, Kile Glover, died after a tragic accident.

Then, there’s some other serious issues that the Goddesses of Atlanta Exes deal with on-screen:

  • Monyetta can no longer have kids, which seems to be an issue for her.
  • Christina deals with dating with an ex who thinks it’s his job to approve each guy.
  • Torrei has a problem with being taken seriously after years of being married to comedian.
  • Sheree struggles with her ex’s new wife getting close to her kids.

So, What are Our Sistahs Saying about Atlanta Exes?

Fashion and Style, an online magazine dedicated to affordable fashion and celebrity style, is calling Atlanta Exesnew beginnings” for the new reality show goddesses. One of its authors posted:

“And that’s exactly what the cast of “Atlanta Exes” will find as they go about creating a sisterhood filled with some of the entertainment industries elite’s ex-wives.”

Essenceis anxiously waiting on the soon-to-come swarm of tweets and posts on social media. Author Yolanda Sangweni posted:

“Well, unlike other shows, at least these women had significant relationships, and children, with these famous men. Will you be tuning in, or tuning out?”

The Jasmine Brandnoted some quick observations from the reality TV gossip she’s seen and heard:

“Torrei seems to be one of the more vocal cast members. She and Tameka have some issues that play out, but are later resolved. ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’sDJ Traci Steele, makes a few cameo appearances and also has conflict with Tameka, almost resulting in a physical altercation.”

Straight from the A Promo Shots: Atlanta Exes with Their Exes

Check out the Atlanta Exes official cast photos from our friends at Straight from the A below:

Watch Out for Upcoming Hair Weaves and Expensive ATL Fashion Styles

Well, Goddesses, whether or not Atlanta Exes turns out to be a hit new reality TV show remains to be seen. Guess we’ll all have to wait for the answer to the question. But, here at Kybele Virgin Hair, we’re all just anxious to see what kinds of fashion styles and hair weaves the ladies will have to share with us.

With all that ex-celebrity-wife money that each have, we’re expecting some fancy, super-expensive, authentic, 100% virgin hair extensions to hit our TV screens. Cuz, let’s face it goddesses, if your hair don’t look good, you don’t look good. Lol.

Are you more anxious to see a new line of drama on Atlanta Exes, or a new line of fashion and hair weaves? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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